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The Gaiscioch Family Warlord Ranks

The day you become an official member of the family by obtaining the rank of Lorgair, you're able to start building your warlord rank. Within our family there are 5 warlord ranks. Each is obtainable through leading events through the family. By the time you are able to start leading you have proven you know how to claim participation for events and should have a clear understanding about the relationship between leader and follower. It is through this relationship that you will begin to lead, and grow your retinue. Please note, that your warlord rank is simply cosmetic and allows you to lead bigger groups of people. It does not relate at all to your place in the Family Tree. You can become an elder of the family without ever leading more than a single group.

The below ranks are based around the following group formations:

  • Group: A single group ranging from 4 to 10 people depending on the game.
  • Raid Group: Multiple Groups ranging from 10 - 25 people depending on the game.
  • Unit: Multiple Raid Groups ranging from 25 - 75 people depending on the game.
  • Batallion: Multiple Units attacking separate objectives in a coordinated assault. Ranging from 75 - 100 people depending on the game.
  • Campaign: The complete orchestration of the battlefield managing multiple battalions attacking and coordinating assaults on multiple targets at the same time. Must have more than 100 players to be considered a Campaign.

The Warlord Formations

The Wolf Pack Formation - (Group: 4-10 People)

The first step to becoming a leader within the family is to learn to lead a small group or "Wolf Pack" into combat successfully. For you can not expect to conquer nations if you can't even get a small group to work together. To obtain this rank you must successfully lead a group to take 10 small scale objectives. Your group must be comprised of at least 4 Gaiscioch members (3 + Yourself). By obtaining this rank you will have the ability to take on larger objectives using the multi-group "Hound" formation and earn the title "na Faolchú".

The Hound Formation - (Raid Group: 10-25 People)

Named in honor of the great Cú Chulainn, a legendary Irish warrior. A master of the Hound must build unity within their ranks and bring together a single Raid Group to conquer objectives. After conquering 50 objectives in the Hound Formation, the warlord will begin to be able to rally co-leaders to their cause to form the Multiple Raid Group Trinity formation which we refer to as a Unit. They will also earn the title "na Cú"

The Trinity Formation - (Unit: 25-75 People)

The Trinity is named after the formation we used in Warhammer Online. It was comprised of 3 warbands lead by our leaders. The Trinity allows a leader to retain complete control over a large group where traditionally with public groups it's near impossible to keep everyone working together. A Trinity Leader will assign "Co-Leads" to help control the warforce and form one united Unit under their banner. The Trinity stays together and works together to conquer objectives sharing the glory of battle with all who participate. After conquering 100 objectives as a Trinity Leader, the warlord will gain the title "na Tríonóid".

The Eagle Formation - (Batallion: 75-100 People)

A warlord that obtains the na Iolar title has proven their ability to lead several raid groups to victory and now wields the ability to separate their forces into 2 units to attack multiple objectives at the same time. This stage of the warlords career will test their ability to multitask and keep a force united even when it's divided. After successfully conquering 200 objectives as an Eagle leader the member will receive the title of "na Iolar".

The Griffin Formation (1 Campaign) - (Campaign: 100+ People)

The Griffin is very difficult to earn. For a warlord to obtain this rank they not only have to be able to manage multiple units to successfully take objectives but they also have to create a fun environment that a whole lot of people come to enjoy. The Griffin is a mark that shows your ability to entertain over a hundred people for more than 200 successful objectives. To use the Griffin formation you will need to lead multiple battalions to take multiple objectives in multiple areas all at the same time. You are a conductor and the battlefield is your symphony. You are the Campaign leader and have more than 100 people in attendance enjoying your event. Once you have successfully conquered 500 objectives as a Griffin you will obtain the title "na Griobhta"