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Swimming To Droughtlands

By: Quhetu

This guide is for those individuals wishing to get to Droughtlands by the only means they have available, that being to take to the waters. It is advised not to take this trip at a level BELOW 20. This route also allows you to pass through the fatigue zone set up between the lands of the Defiant and those of the Guardians.

Be sure to turn off your pvp flagging per instructions set up in the guide to do so by Fairybella. If you do not you may become the innocent target for some angered Defiant when they see you in their zone. Of course the only real way you can get into a fight is to fire something that does damage to more than your target and the Defiant gets hit with it, triggering your auto flagging. But since you are going into an area where the critters are lower level than you and that you can run away from easily enough, you should not be engaging in any combat and finding yourself in a pvp fight.

You do not need any breathing pots on this trip since you do not need to dive deeply into the waters you will be swimming in.

If you have any spells that speed your running you may want to use them before starting to swim from either A, B, or C to get you through the Fatigue Zone.

Start Point:
There are several routes you can take to reach the Shoreward Island, the one with the lighthouse on it. Here are a couple of suggestions:

A) Rudi’s Wagon is a good place to start, especially if a group of you are going, because most everyone knows where Rudi’s Wagon is (6196, 3592). From Rudi’s head southeast for (6337, 3647) which sets you on a path up the hillside. Go down the backside of the hill to the Sanguine shoreline. Go to point (6364, 3805) which is a point on an island near the fire guys. Set your sights on the Shoreward Island, the one with the lighthouse on it. The nearest point is at (6645, 3862). Now, please understand there is a Fatigue Zone out around the island so go directly to this point in as straight a line as possible. It will seem you are not going to make it and then suddenly the fatigue meter starts climbing again. If you do not make it you will be sent back to the camp (Divine Landing).

B) Spirit of Carwin in Divine Landing is another good gathering point (6238, 3872). From the statue head straight for the landing zone at (6666, 3893) on the west side of the island. The Fatigue Zone starts at (6467, 3877) and ends at (6580, 3883). Just don’t stop swimming to check it out!

C) Get to point (6488, 3668) an island with some low level mobs on it. From there set your sights for point (6645, 3862) and make the swim. This seems to be the most direct route I could find thru the Fatigue Zone.

Once on the island, if you want to see the sights about, climb up to the top of the lighthouse. You may find an artifact or two up there if you’re lucky, or some Defiant guild doing a rally and dancing – I swear it happens!

D) Once on the island (congratulations) head to the docks (6703, 4017), and prepare to swim to Warden’s Point (6576, 4208). Again, you will encounter the Fatigue Zone and think you aren’t going to make it.

E) Once out of the zone, head to point (7171, 4691) which brings you to an island with an arch. Then go to point (7400, 4857) where you see a huge statue. Know who it is?

F) Point (7447, 5214) gets you into the bay where another arch protrudes from the water. You now should see a waterfalls which you swim to and exit the water on the north side (right side) as it is the easier side to climb up.

G) Follow the watercourse to calm waters and then head for point (7216, 6103) which is under the Freemarch Bridge.

When under the bridge (are you a troll now?) you can head straight to the Lake of Solace, or to the Porticulum at Lantern Hook (to your left, down the roadway, follow green lanterns).

End of file