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Non-Veteran Fun Time

By: Mika

This was first non-veteran event on new campaign, Blackwater Blade. Solid group of 8 people started heading towards dolmen near south Morrowind gate. I had one thought in my mind "Did Zenimax scale mobs for non-veteran players". Well we got answer very quickly when dolmen went up. No they didn't scale them. Well no matter onwards our group rushed killing summoners without problems. But then trouble came, couple Storm Atronach, Skeleton Healers and warrior and Xivilais. As you may know Xivilai are lovely people who tend to summon help.

Our comrades started falling down from left and right. But that didn't discourage us to continue fight. One by one we were able drop mobs down and close pinions and finally boss, infamous Dread Storm Atronach, were summoned. One of our comrades started bombarding boss with meatbag catapult while others concentrated taking Dread Atronach minions, twisted sisters as we called them. We took twisted sisters quickly and concentrated on the boss. Boss died quickly by help of meatbag catapult. After hard fight reward chest was even sweeter.

Then group headed towards Cheyhindal and started doing quests. Things got a lot easier even though all the mobs were VR5, but when they come alone or only with one friend then they weren't match against our group of 8 heroes. Even Ayleid treasure quest wasn't too hard. Maybe occasional death here and there, but all in all even being group of 8 people level range being 10 - 40. Most of us were little over 10 levels.

Event ended on Quickwater cave, which was quite easy to go through. We weren't able to find all bosses, but at least we were able to skin Steeltail. However Steeltail was more like Cottontail as someone said in Raidcall. All in all what I learned from this event was that Dolmens are quite challenging at level 12, but fun nonetheless. Other stuff is manageable, but I think it helps when your stats are capped as lvl 50 characters even being only lvl 12.

I can see fun times ahead on future events. Fun to see how we can handle taking resource camps ;)

Until then... Tread lightly and carry a big sword or staff or whatever is your weapon of choice.