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Items To Be Found In The Lake Of Solace

By: Quhetu

To prepare your self and others coming with you, if such is the case, try to obtain some underwater breathing assistance, either by spell use, or potions, or other means. When doing the containers (see below) you will receive as part of the treasure some breathing potions that last for 8 minutes - long enough to go from the surface to the deepest of the lake and back up again. Well, hopefully so.

Next, be sure you have your pvp flagging turned off. See other guides on how to do this. Since you will be in Defiant territory it may pay to not get flagged for a pvp encounter of the dangerous kind (that is, you’re not expecting it).

Finally, be sure you have room in your bags for at least 10 items, 1 for each of the 8 containers and 1 for puzzle and 1 for the breathing potions.

Options on How to Get There:
Then there is the question of getting to the lake itself. Three options occur here, of which I know of that is. The First is to have a portal passage to Droughtlands, the Lantern Hook Porticulum (gee my spellchecker doesn’t like this term, and I don’t either); the second is access to the Fall of Lantern Hook dungeon; and the third is to swim it along the coastline which takes a bit more time and daring-do. See the guide Swimming It To Droughtlands for waypoints if you choose this option, an adventurous one of about 15 minutes time.

The Easy Way to Get There:
Take a portal to the Lantern Hook Porticulum. Once there, head down the hill to the roadway showing on the map –it’s a dirt road. You want the roadway that goes northwest off the one going south - again see your map. If you travel too far south on the south road you willsee a broken boat on the left hand side of road.

Look up ahead once on proper road for the green lighted lanterns on side of the road, use them as guide posts to get to the bridge. Say “Hi” to Jaban Rizel he stands before the bridge.

Go to center of bridge, go to the left side and jump into the water! Swim toward the Lake of Solace and your first container location.

Listing by location, name of item, comments. PLEASE do NOT do the last container before any others or you will end the quest and be caput, losing out on the other items you could have had. Also, save the Circle Puzzle to the bitter end ( umm that’s a reference to sailor lingo). All the ‘containers’ will glitter when ready to be opened. In a group you may have to wait a minute for the glitter to come back. If its not glittering when you arrive then someone else just left it. BTW, none of these locations are exact; well, on mine they are but may not be on your resolution so please look about.

1 = 6699, 5987 Sunken Cargo; fairly easy to spot.

2 = 6311, 6228 Heavy Metal Barrel; by a broken tower and rocks in the weeds

3 = 6430, 6430 Old Chest; watch for high level lurkers here! It is between a pair of rocks.

4 = 5907, 6220 Lost Soul; in a Very Deep trench. If you dive from this location the sides of the trench will push you to where the container is.

5 = 5560, 6233 A Plundered Safe; it’s there, look around a bit

6 = 5449, 6009 Forgotten Casket be watchful of lurkers; is at the end of the trench by rockpile on north side.

7 = 5626, 5685 Discarded Strongbox in a shallow bay. As you leave this one you can cross the land and be sure to stop and say hello to the girl sitting on the hillside above the tree

8 = 6029, 6509 Weed Covered Vase hidden in weeds closest to shore area relative to the other items around area. THIS IS THE FINAL ONE and it ends the chain of containers no matter how many you have done. You get achievement only if you did all 7 prior to it.

The Circle Puzzle:
This is an easy puzzle as puzzles go, you merely have to go to the location (5996, 6128 on game map) which is underway. Once you swim down to the bottom you will encounter a circle of sparkly lanterns or Aqua Lamps if you don't like the term "lantern".

Nonetheless, once you've arrested your feet upon the bottom of the lake you will notice that the lanterns (I like that term, so easier to type) go off and on, sparkling until you place your pointer upon them and click your mouse button (don't ask me which one it's a puzzle right? If I told you it wouldn't be puzzling).

So, the idea is to get all 12 lanterns to stay visible and emitting a foggy bluish smoke. If successful there appears a pop up box with a key in it. You use the key to open the treasure and tada! the puzzle is solved.
Location of puzzle is 5996, 6128

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