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GREEN SCALE BLIGHT (credit To Rift Junkies)

By: Ray

N.B.i am including it here for our guildies' convinience only

Greenscale’s Blight is a raid instance that includes five different boss encounters inside a large cavern, home of Lord Greenscale. The dungeon layout is pretty simple, only encompassing two chambers, the main chamber and Greenscale’s Lair. The trick to the whole instance is that it’s a giant hedge-maze that shifts after each boss kill. The instance itself is pretty light on trash, never more than four to six trash pulls between each boss.

Duke Letareus

The first boss of the raid is called Duke Letareus. The fight takes place inside a large, rectangular area. The boss is first situated at the far end and each of the four corners sits a non-aggressive Shambler. This fight is a dps race combined with some execution. You will most likely require a single main tank and two or three offtanks. Sufficient raid healing and minimal main tank healing.

The Duke has only two mechanics that you have to worry about. Periodically he will call down his Wrath. This is a PBAOE that will kill anyone that gets within range. So melees and tanks need to run out when you see it beginning to cast. Once finished he will Enrage and chase after the tank. Everyone must get out of the way as he will continuously cleave and instantly kill anyone not a tank. A tank will not survive very long.

This is where the Shamblers come into play. While the tank is engaged with the Duke one or two players must pull out a Shambler each and place them strategically away from the rest of the raid. The best placement, typically, would have the raid centered in the middle of the encounter area and have the Shamblers on the outer portions of the room. When killed the Shamblers produce a purple ground effect that will slow down the Duke when he runs through it.

So when the Duke starts casting his Wrath, the Shamblers should be killed and the main tank should position himself so that when the Duke finishes his cast he will head towards the tank through the purple ground effect. The Duke will only become un-Enraged once enough damage is done to him. Depending on your raid’s strength, you might need two Shamblers to knock him out of enrage.

As all of this is going on you will have adds. There are three different types, Brownies, Pixies and Faeries. Brownies are melee mobs that continuously spawn from the start that need to be gathered up and off-tanked. Pixies slowly spawn throughout the fight and fly in the air. They act as a DPS check so that you can’t take your time on the Duke. Up to three Faeries spawn starting around when the Duke is at 50%. These are the most dangerous as they cast Fae Barrage which hits all raid members for substantial damage. However this spell can be interrupted.

If you can manage the execution, dps and the adds you will be able to defeat the Duke.

Infiltrator Johlen

Infiltrator Johlen is the second boss of the raid that takes place in a square area. The fight has four phases that increasingly become more difficult. Each phase consists of Johlen dropping more and more bombs while the raid tries to avoid them. Once engaged, the event area will be closed off and large glowing wisps will swirl around the outer boundary that will kill any player that wanders into them or gets knocked back. The fight area is designated by four tree trunks, anything outside of this square will be wisp territory.

This fight is a pure DPS check that takes place in between each phase transition. When Johlen is knocked down to 75%, 50% and 25% he will drop a large bomb with ~250,000 hps where the raid has 22 seconds to destroy it. If you fail to destroy it, the raid will automatically wipe. Johlen stealths during this phase and randomly stuns players.

Phase one is pretty simple as Johlen will throw down only two bomb types. The first type of bomb is an explosive bomb that knocks you back and does damage and stuns. This one is designated by three red rings. The second bomb is a concussion bomb, that can be destroyed, that knocks you back. which is designated by a single red ring.

Phase two is the same, however Johlen now adds a single blinding bomb where your character becomes dazed if you are facing the bomb as it goes off. The third phase add a second blinding bomb.

The fourth phase is identical to phase three except that there are now smaller wisps crisscrossing across the whole playing field except for a small pocket in the middle which is constantly moving. You must maneuver around this pocket, avoiding bombs while dpsing the Infiltrator.

Oracle Aleria

The third fight in Greenscale’s Blight is Oracle Aleria. This fight has two phases and a few different mechanics. The playing field consists of an inner square where the Oracle starts that is surround by four walls. These walls do not meet, so each corner of this square gives you access to the center area.

During this whole fight there is a bomb mechanic. At set intervals a random player will become the “bomb” where they will have to line of site the whole raid. The only place to LOS the raid is outside the walls of the inner square. Failing to do so will cause a wipe. The player with the bomb does not die when it goes off.

Also during the whole fight Pollen will spawn that will buff the boss inside the inner square. Do not allow the Pollen to reach the boss as it will gain a stacking buff. Assign players to kill Pollen.

The first phase will spawn two large werewolves; one is melee and the second is for range players. The ranged, or necrotic, werewolf must be kited around the outside of the four walls while the melee wolf must be tanked inside the inner square.

Things to note:
Players who are the bomb must be aware of the position of the kited wolf.
Both wolves must be killed at the same time or the other will enrage.

The second phase the Oracle will turn into a large werewolf and you will have to DPS down the boss. The hardest mechanic is to kill the pollen entering from each corner of the inner square at a higher rate than in the first phase.

Prince Hylas

The last boss before Greenscale is Prince Hylas who you will remember from Silverwood. This fight has two primary phases. The first phase consists of Hylas summoning each of the initial three bosses in the dungeon in diminished form. The second phase has a difficult transition and additional worries.

In the first phase Prince Hylas will almost no abilities and will begin by summoning Duke Letareus first, then Infiltrator Johlen and lastly Oracle Aleria. Each boss will have a single ability and when they die, transfer an ability to Prince Hylas.

The Duke will drop purple damaging effects that players will have to avoid. Once dead Prince Hylas will gain Wrath that players will have to avoid by running away from him. Infiltrator Johlen will drop bombs and run off to random targets. Once dead Prince Hylas will begin dropping bombs. Oracle Aleria is the easiest and will only cast spells, but once dead will Prince Hylas will cast Contagious Cottontail, which will polymorph a random target and everyone (up to a certain number) around them.

Prince Hylas also gain a stacking debuff depending how close he is to each of these bosses.

Throughout the fight Hylas will cast a devastating AOE spell that will hit everyone and must be healed through. This is sometimes interrupted if Hylas is moved.

Once Hylas is defeated in this first phase he will polymorph every player in the raid and teleport them to the back of the hedge-maze. Players become bunnies and deer with increased run speed. You must now race back, through wolves and the maze, to Prince Hylas. During this, Hylas will begin healing regenerating. When you enter the event space you will turn back into your own selves.

At this point you will have a pack of wolves to contend with, and Prince Hylas. The wolves are merely a distraction however Hylas will continue to heal unless you break him out of his regeneration phase via dps. If you let him heal too much, treants will begin spawning at regular health intervals and apply stacking buffs to him, much like the first phase.

Once he is broken out of his regeneration the fight will continue much like the end of the first phase.

Lord Greenscale

This is the final boss of Greenscale’s Blight. It consists of four different phases that begin at each quarter mark of Greenscale’s 4,200,000 hitpoints. The fight is very long and quite difficult due to healing and tanking limitations. DPS is not much of an issue as long as you can manage the tank’s health.

During the first phase Greenscale will attack the tank. He has frontal and rear cleaves. Greenscale will put a debuff on his target that decreases healing and this debuff stacks. He will also periodically breath in front of him.

Also during this phase plants will appear. These lashing vines can be destroyed. There are three pools in this room and a player can stand in them, gain a buff that will set the plants the lashing vines on fire to destroy them. This buff also is a stacking dot that does increasing damage until purged. The lashing vines do short ranged AOE damage. They can be avoided.

Once Greenscale is reduced to 75% health he will take off and start flying around the room. At this point adds will spawn from one of the pools. After a certain amount of time, a light will appear that players will have to stand in or damage will be done to them. Greenscale will then land and begin the next phase. He will also heal depending on the amount of adds still left alive.

The second phase is exactly the same except now Toxic Blossoms will spawn which explode and knockback nearby players. The transition into the third phase, is again, identical. The third phase is exactly the same except a third type of plant spawns which drains nearby player’s energy and mana.

Again the next transition and fourth phase are identical except in the fourth phase pollen will begin to spawn. This is the last phase and the last quarter health of Greenscale.

Things to note:
The plant-destroying buff can only be used against the lashing vines from the first
phase, all other plants are unaffected.

Each time the adds spawn during the transition phase, that pool will no longer give the plant destroying buff.