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BDO - Getting And Upgrading Your Weapon.. Yuria, Liverto Etc

By: Meagh

Hiya family. :) I originally posted this on my blog at but thought some might find it useful here. Hope it helps those wondering about their weapon in BDO. It is mostly info gleaned from reading across the net. I put it together for general consumption and ease of reference.

Do you remember your Hasla weapon in Archeage? To be competitive you had to get one. In Black Desert, the weapon to get for almost all classes is Yuria. A base damage of 16-21, +5 Human Damage and it gains increased attack, accuracy and Human damaged when enchanted. You should be able to secure this weapon around level thirty from the NPC Ronatz in Calpheon.

It will cost you 90k silver and 200 Amity to purchase the weapon from his shop. You will need 500 Amity to open the shop. blackdesertnexus makes a good suggestion to put a few alts, created under the Black Dragon constellation (the NPC favors this constellation), at his shop as you will need several Yuria weapons for repair and upgrading.

Once you get your main weapon you will want to upgrade your weapon. The shop for upgrading the Yuria weapon is located in Keplan south of Calpheon.

Here are two quick tutorials on upgrading and enchanting weapons:

Once you've maxed out your Yuria weapon it should carry you until you can something better.. Liverto or Kzarka by most sources.. Though a Rosar might do well also.

Here is a chart on the different weapon and their stats:

And an explanation of why Yuria is the goto weapon weapen though it has less gems... Cider from the BDO forums gives a good break down on some of the differences, most notably the hidden accuracy stat gained from upgrading Liyerto weapons:

Liverto is an uncommon weapon. It's blue grade, but that doesn't mean much in itself. It gives a whopping 3 levels of crit chance which you max at 5 levels. Idr how much crit the levels are but it's around 3-5% iirc. You could probably find info on it fairly easily. It also has two available gem/crystal/socket slots. Another big plus is the hidden accuracy stat gain when enchanting which is very useful and necessary in PvP. It gets pretty expensive to repair for maximum durability though, so it's not something you can get as yuria. In KR, yuria weapons are about 35k-40k silver per weapon while Liverto is 4,500,000 silver. From my experience, Liverto is just a lot better and more common choice than Zaka weapon from the big world boss, it depends on your class if you need crit or not. Zaka gives 3 levels of attack speed which I don't find that useful as you can build it elsewhere through set bonus and gems while crit chance only through gems. In Black Desert, you can do well and completely fine with a Yuria weapon because the game depends much more on gear enchant levels than the set bonuses, but they can be very helpful.

As in other games I believe that it will be very difficult to compete if you do not have the baseline gear needed. As Hasla was the baseline in the beginning of ArcheAge so Yuria is the baseline in Black Desert. I hope the info helps get you there quicker & happy gaming! - M.