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Craglorn Yields Some Nice Discoveries... And Then A Little Chaos.

By: Jairone

Well, we formed up a fair sized group (almost 16 people) and headed off to find everything we could in Craglorn. Denny had gathered us, putting out a call that brought in a variety of warriors and mages, all experienced veterans.

We started off with the discovery of several scenic places in the world, most of which seem to be serving as lairs for a variety of monsters. Clearing them out was a nice bonus, and granted a few nice items as we went around... as well as serving to help us refine our skills.

Soon after we fought undead at a couple temples, a similar experience that was an interesting twist on things. This too was a worthy venture. For anyone who stumbles across these burial sites, be warned... the undead will come at you from multiple directions, and a few valiant friends will be needed to stave them off.

We also played around with the delves and trials of the zone. Some powerful magic of unknown origins limits the number who can enter these places, with delves limited to 4 and trials limited to twelve. Our attempts to defeat the monsters of the Trials were largely unsuccessful, and we will need a more experienced crew to explore further down those halls. However, we managed to clear several delves...

Speaking of delves, I found myself angrily berating poor Denny for sending me in as a tank. I am no meat-shield! It was a rather painful experience, where I spent most of my time using my skills to port away and then running around screaming like some child who has consumed a rather large helping of honey meant to last all winter. Even so, we only needed to destroy 4 souls of high level creatures to complete the experience, which meant it was not too expensive. Still, next time he suggests this, I think I shall agree only on the condition that he sits for the next month on a bowl of water filled with live slaughterfish!

-Tallar Vendalis.

*Actually, I just need a little gear to make myself not so very squishy, and could tank fine... but with no gear and no points spent in health it was rather odd.*