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ArenaNet Made Us Stand In A Corner.

By: GmaFog

Great time tonight - getting ready to follow Terafer out into battle and jump into Blue Borderlands. Not 2 minute in running and the yellow letters pop up "New Build in 10 Minutes" So we rush around and hit things. Taking a camp or 2 and it finally dumps us all out of WvW. We go to boot back in and no build was there and then it says. Try again. We sit chatting as we wait for the special moment when it will let us back in.. Another yellow set of letters, "New build will be ready in 1hour and 45 minutes." Not looking good at that moment - Terafer said lets give it until 8:45. Just as we all decide to call it - We all manage to get back in. It was very quiet for a few minutes, and then the "Blues" group up in force to come get us... Great fun after that! Unfortunately, I had to leave shortly there after. Thanks for sticking around and waiting to get in. Terafer did suggest an Event called, "Patience" That surely would be funny.