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A Hard Fought Battle.

By: Garfiode

We had to take them on even though we were one short. We started off by taking on Torn Fur, we knew from the beginning that he would be the easy one. We then made our way across the decks of the ships to the Legendary Balgren Creedbreaker, he took a bit more effort to kill. After that we headed down to Andal and his minions. The first try we failed at, but the gods saw value in our effort and let us have another try at Andel. The second battle with Andal was long faught and hard, but in the end we paravailed.

Finally we were at the point of Wolam the Plunderer. The fight took place in what had once been the large hold of ship that was now flooded. We as a group threw spears and our engineer threw granades at him. We finally put him down like a sick puppy, and the world was a safer place.