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1 Easy Way To Become Rich

By: Levya

Here is a way to become rich. There are other more efficient ways, but I think this is a very easy income produce, although it's not a very fast method. but it can be long-term and quite steady.
First: read the zone chat in 1 zone, or if you wanna invest more time, read more zone chats. You have to focus on the supply and demand notions. In some zones items are asked that can easily be looted in other lower level areas: onions and pepper.
Second: loot, loot and loot. Buy backpack and bank space upgrades and loot the items you've read in the zone chat. And keep gathering herbs.
Third: when you have a stock of supplies, read the zone chat and offer what is requested: easy.
Optionally fourth: join other large guilds and use the guild banks: sometimes materials are valuable for one person and not worth anything for another. Don't steal the banks, that's not very nice.

Today I sold herbs for 60g, cause the demand was really high. I think I earned 5k with selling plants.

Another way is researching all traits and when someone asks for a trait you have in the zone chat, you'll be able to sell it for 500g or 1000.

It takes some time, but you can do it while wandering in the wild when you don't feel like questing ;)