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Event Summary
Guild Wars 2
Jun. 16 at 01:00 PM PDT
Event Type: Recurring Every 7 Days
Event Host: Oldgoat
Level Requirement: None
Event Details


Each weekend we will complete 8 different dungeons to get the Dungeon Frequenter achievement. (4 Saturday, 4 Sunday is the goal.) Every effort will be made to have leaders available should multiple parties be necessary. We will not do the same dungeons on both days. We will ALSO try to help get the Dungeon Master title by attempting to do at least some dungeon paths that are needed by one or more of those who join us. Someone who can answer questions will be available in Discord GW2 Group 4 at various times of the day Twilight Arbor Aetherpath and all 4 Arah paths will be subject to the availability of our crack team of Dungeon masters. (they know how to kill Giganticus Lupicus!) Level requirements are based on suggested character level for each dungeon and skill level of each player. If you are shy, if you have never done a dungeon, if you have had bad experiences in dungeons this is the team for you. Our simple goal is fun. Other Requirements: The ability to hear us in Discord. Patience with us old guys. Willingness to try.

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