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Second Night! (DDO)

Event Summary
Date: Nov. 30 at 12:00 AM PST
Event Type: Recurring Every 2147483647 Days
Event Host: Konyth
Level Requirement: None
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DDO has called to you since 2006. Maybe you were curious but didn't have the time. Maybe you played but the rest of your group stopped. Maybe your mouse didn't work. Or maybe, like me, you didn't have anyone to group with. No matter. Join Konyth the Fighter, Mazzar(r) the Wizard, Nymist the Rogue, and Tythion and Cayelin, the Bard/Cleric Dynamic Duo in the DDO GSCH Discord channel and the KHYBER server for some D&D mayhem. It's late. You spent your night with the family. It's time now for Second Night! (tm Mazzar(r), 2018)

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