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Let's begin specializing

Event Summary
Guild Wars 2
Date: Oct. 08 at 04:00 PM PDT
Event Type: Recurring Every 7 Days
Event Host: JayRF
Level Requirement: None
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Event Details


This week we start at Rurikton Waypoint in Divinity's Reach. Heart of Thorns is almost upon us. So for now I have decided to put the Achievement Hunter's on hold and start a different event. We will be running around Tyria to unlock Hero Challenges. We will gather all the Hero Points we can get during my event so we are prepared to unlock the Elite Specialization's once Heart of Thorns launches. We don't know how many points will be required so let's prepare ourselves well. We will begin with the Hero Challenges around the starting areas of Tyria.


I will have no level requirements for this event but as we progress we will be going to the higher level zones and once we will be goin to Orr. Also since the specializations will be unlockble once you hit lvl 80 maybe that's what you want to bring. But most importantly: Have Fun :3

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