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Gaiscioch Magazine Issue 5: Live Epic Out Now!


Gaiscioch Magazine Issue 4For the past year, the Gaiscioch Magazine has been committed to bringing you epic stories, interviews, and perspectives directly to your desktop. In January, we shipped our 4th issue wrapping up our first year of publishing.

To our more than 10,000 readers, I give you my thanks. You have made this magazine quite special to a lot of us and we could not have been as successful without your diligent shares and tweets. Your growing support has encouraged us all to continue this year bringing you all new epic stories with an all new theme.

At the very core of the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community, one underlying premise has been at the very foundation of everything we do. It is our overall goal, the thing that drives us to do that which others deem impossible and our source of courage where there is none. I like to refer to this as “Exemplary People Inspiring Courage”. Whether its on the virtual battlefield or in our own real life, our commitment to helping people overcome their fears, insecurities, and limitations is at the very core of what we do.

I am pleased to announce here in Gaiscioch Magazine first that our community has decided to adopt a new slogan. “Live Epic”. To kick it off we have created this special Epic edition of the magazine featuring stories and experiences from the creator of the Thief, System Shock, the Ultima Underworld series, and Underworld Ascendant Paul Neurath, and ArenaNet’s Tirzah Bauer, along with an epic rebirth of in the form of MassivelyOP.

In addition you can read about leading an epic life and how I created this epic community. It is my hopes that over the next year we can continue bringing you stories about epic people in the world of gaming and share stories and insight to help make your lives more memorable.

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About Gaiscioch Magazine

Gaiscioch Magazine launched in March of 2014 as a quarterly fan made, volunteer drive, no-profit magazine. The editorial is focused not only on games but also on the lives of gamer's and the challenges we face. The magazine features interviews, previews, reviews, short stories, recipes and guides from the games currently being played by the Gaiscioch Community.

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