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Aoibheann's Puzzled Jumpers

Banlaoch de na Iomproidh Dubh
Banlaoch de na Iomproidh Dubh
  • GW2: Aoibhe.8073
Posted On: 12/20/2014 at 06:11 PM
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I have a new list of Jump Puzzles, some old & some new.

I am offering Taxi Service via Mesmer's Portals to the END of the following 20 Jumping Puzzles:


  1. Goemm's Lab - Metrica Provence - Cuatl Waypoint
  2. Spekk's Laboratory - Caledon Forest - Gleaner's Cove Waypoint 
  3. Morgan's Leap - Caledon Forest - Spiral Waypoint
  4. Dark Reverie - Caledon Forest - Spiral Waypoint 
  5. Spelunker's Delve - Caledon Forest - Sleive's Waypoint   
  6. Skipping Stones - South Sun Cove - Lion Point Waypoint
  7. Vizier's Tower - Straits of Devastation - Broken Spit Waypoint
  8. Conundrum Cubed - Mount Maelstrom - Govoran Waypoint
  9. Professor Potmatt's Lab - Bloodtide Coast - Sorrowful Waypoint 
  10. Griffonrook Run - Lornar's Pass - False Lake Waypoint
  11. Weyandt's Revenge - Lion's Arch - Farshore Waypoint
  12. Troll's End - Lion's Arch - Western Ward Waypoint
  13. Swashbuckler's Cove - Gendarran Fields - Cornucopian Fields Waypoint  
  14. Not So Secret - Gendarran Fields - Broadhollow Waypoint 
  15. Fawcett's Revenge - Harathi Hinterlands - Arca  Waypoint 
  16. King Jalis Refuge - Snowden Drifts - Highpass Haven Waypoint
  17. Shattered Ice Ruins - Frostgorge Sound - Ice Floe Waypoint
  18. Crimson Plateau - Diessa Plateau - Redreave Mill Waypoint
  19. Chaos Crystal Caverns - Iron Marches - Old Piken Ruins Waypoint
  20. Branded Mine - Fields of Ruin - Helliot Mine Waypoint


Please rally on Aoibheann Sidhe's Commander Tag in Metrica Provence at the Cuatl Waypoint

Some of these puzzles will require a run to a designated Portal spot that will take you to the END of each of the listed Jumping Puzzle.  I have set up weekly repeats of this event until Jan 11th for Part 2 of Warming Grawnk's HeartFor the Children! Ornaments drop out of each of the chests on these puzzles as well as Em.


I will be in TeamSpeak for these community events.


Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.
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Ban Fine de na Capall
Ban Fine de na Capall
Replied On: 12/22/2014 at 02:55 PM PST

I would love to join you. I am terrible with JPs.

Thank you so much for offering this service.

Happy Wintersday!!


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