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Earning Family Honor Points (FHP)

The Gaiscioch Family Honor Points (FHP) system allows members to track their success within the family. There are several areas in which you can earn Family Honor Points which include: Valor, Discovery, Lore, Artisan, and Fellowship. Below is a quick explanation of how these work.

Primary Sources

The primary sources of family honor points are required to earn certain ranks. From the rank of Lorgair you will be required to earn Fellowship points. Once you reach Laoch you will be required to earn Leadership Points to progress to Ard Tiarna. These primary sources ensure that you are both participating with the family as well as leading the family. By doing so our leaders learn the ways of the family through participation and then lead in accordance to the Gaiscioch Way ensuring that each and every member of their warparty receives the same knowledge and experience they did.

Valor Points (Leadership)

Valor Points can be earned by leading family members in groups and raid groups. Valor marks ones leadership. To claim leadership you must be the person leading the group, if you participate in someone else's event you can not claim leadership. Only the person leading the raid can mark leadership. In addition, for an objective to be eligible to claim for leadership credit you must have 4 or more Family members with you. Below you will see a breakdown of leadership point values for each target.

Fellowship Points (Participation)

By participating in guild events and raid groups you can rack up Fellowship Points. These points show how involved with the family you are. You will be able to mark off which keeps your raid groups took, what dungeons you raided, note the objectives you completed, and what scheduled guild events you made an appearance too.

Objective Valor Fellowship
Minor Rift 4 2
Major Rift 10 5
Expert Rift 40 20
Raid Rift 60 30
World Invasion 40 20
Minor Foothold 2 1
Major Foothold 10 5
Dungeon 40 20
Expert Dungeons 60 30
Master Dungeons 80 40
Raid Dungeons 100 50
Rare Creature (Diamond Mob) 10 5
Boss Creature (Dungeon Bosses) 20 10
Boss Creature (Expert Dungeon Bosses) 40 20
Boss Creature (Master Dungeon Bosses) 60 30
Boss Creature (Epic Dungeon Bosses) 60 30
Elite Creature (Raid Group Required Boss Creatures) 30 15
Epic Creature (2 Million+ Health Creatures) 50 25
Warfront 20 10

Secondary Sources

The secondary sources of earning family honor points are used to fill the gap between the required total family honor points and the required fellowship points or leadership points. For example if you were looking to become a Caomhnoir you would need 25,000 total family honor points of which 15,000 would be required to be fellowship points, leaving you with 10,000 points can be earned in any of the 5 paths. Remember if your thinking of making the leadership rank push, start stockpiling your leadership points early as you will need them later and they accrue twice as fast as fellowship points.

Discovery Points

Discovery Points can be earned by inputting the locations of discovered secrets. These can range from simple historical lore nodes to unlockable titles and artifacts. Each type of unlock receives a different point value based on the necessity level of the find.

Discovery Point Value
Artifact: 1
Achievement: 3
Collectable: 5
History & Lore: 1
Named Creature: 2
Crafting Node: 1
Title Unlock: 10

Lore Points

Lore Points are earned by posting content to the Gaiscioch website. Lore can range from recaps of the nights events, to submitting guides and how-to's for various raids, lairs, siege tactics, or simply how to play a certain character.

Lore Type Points Per 250 Words
How-To Guide:5
Event Recap:2
Character Story:2
New Topic:2

Artisan Points

Artisan points are awarded for crafting items for other family members. The point value ranges by item and increases incrementally based on the length of time the request has been active. You can fill work orders by visiting the family marketplace.