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Fin's Chaos Squad WvW July 17th

By: LeslieoftheStars

I was only able to join the battle for the last two hours and those two hours where filled with great battles as always!! I have enjoyed this event ever since Findan started it. Yes, he is a newer Commander in WvW and always says he is still learning. However, he has learned so much and does a wonderful job of pulling us all together as we take camps, towers, keeps and defend! His leadership is commendable and he never steps on another Commanders toes! He joins in on TS as well as RC and interacts with other Commanders on all borderlands. It is a joy to run with him and to see him grow. This day he went for 12 hours relentlessly! I look forward to many more battles with our Commander Findan and his leadership in our Borderlands. Keep up the great work Fin:(.