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Fallout 76 :: Fresh Start

Event Summary
Date: Nov. 16 at 03:00 PM PST
Event Type: One Time Event
Event Host: Login to Lead This Event
Level Requirement: None
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Event Details


Hello to all.

Please RSVP for the event for a rough idea of players showing up.

When first log in and to find me can go under the Social menu in Fallout 76 and hit add. DocRestless is my username.

I will be your tour guide for this adventure through a small section of the wastelands.

I will answer questions about the game best I can.

Note - 4 people per party. (recommend one member of each party have bonus experience perk card.)

Note adding one another as friends allow fast travel to one another for free.

Quick read of my experience and tips during Fallout 76 BETA

Fallout 76 Social Guild Page Fallout 76 group has its own role and channel on Discord so aware

Member Characters
No Members Signed Up

Notice: Signing Up for an event does NOT guarantee inclusion. This is a RSVP stating that you are available for the event if needed. Certain events require certain classes, builds, and equipment to successfully complete. Please contact event leader before the event and be present before the time of the event for best results.

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