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Getting Started

The first thing to understand about Adventures is how to join and participate in them. There are two pieces of this puzzle. First, the Adventure itself which is the Game you would like to play with others. The Second is the Warparty which is the Guild, Group, Server, Faction, or Platform you are playing with. Each Adventure can have multiple Warparties, which are member run, and can vary in playstyle and experience.

Finding the right warparty for you is very important as there will be some warparties that take the game more seriously than others, or may focus on a piece of a game you're not interested in. Regardless of your Warparty affiliation, you can participate in any event you can attend. Please note event leaders reserve the right to pick and choose who they allow to attend their events based on what they need for that particular challenge.

Once you have joined an Adventure and a Warparty you can begin participating in events with others. By attending events you will gain Social Points which are applied toward your Honor Points. These will also convert into Vault Credits which can be used on the Marketplace or Loot Vault.

Scheduling an Event

Members who have reached the rank of Lorgaire within the community unlock the ability to schedule and lead events. To do this open the Hamburger (☰) menu on the website and click "Event Manager". You can then create a new event by clicking the Create Event button.

Leading an Event

To lead an event you must be the Lorgaire rank or higher. Once you've reached Lorgaire rank you can access the Leadership system by clicking the Hamburger (☰) menu and then click Claim Leadership.

Once you've followed the prompts to create your first event you will enter the length of time. Be sure that when claiming time that you always include 30 minute slots first. So your first hour is divided into 2x 30 minute objectives then if you ran another hour you can use the hour objective. This way people who have to leave early can claim an hour and a half of the event rather than the full 2 hours. If you want to take it a step furtherm you could do 2x 15 Minutes, 1x 30 Minutes and 1x Hour for a 2 Hour event to provide the most accuracy for people to claim.

Claiming Participation in an Event

After you participate in an event, the event leader may provide you with a quick claim code that you can enter directly into our homepage under the Claim Participation box in the Events & Activities section.

If you do not receive a code or had to depart early you can find the event under Events & Activities. Click on the event name to view the event page, then select the length of time you participated and click "Claim Selected Objectives".

How Social Points Are Counted

Based on the number of participants, the event will apply a modifier that will raise or lower the point values. You have 7 days to claim the event before it is locked and can no longer be claimed. After the lockout, the points will be awarded to those that participated. Here is a look at how the scoring changes based on attendance.

The base Social Point score will provide 80 points per hour, 40 points per 30-minutes, and 20 points per 15-minutes. These points are totaled up and a modifier is applied based on the number of people in attendance.

Participant Modifier
Players Claiming Participation Reward
2 Players25% Point Value
3 Players50% Point Value
4-10 Players100% Point Value
11-20 Players150% Point Value
21-40 Players200% Point Value
40+ Players300% Point Value

As you can see, the more that participate the higher the reward for the event. For a 2-hour event with 5 members claiming participation you would receive 160 Social Points after the 7-day window. The same event with only 3 players claiming participation would be 80 Social Points.

We want to encourage people to play together as often as possible and reward them for doing so. Whether you're out questing with friends or raiding a new dungeon, playing with others is a rewarding experience and we want to encourage everyone to be a part of some epic sized adventures.