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Gaiscioch Adventures

Over the years we have seen a constant tide of new games grab the attention of the community. Many have great ideas, and can entertain us for awhile, but few have the ability to reach the size and scope of the games we target for our Chapters. There are also dozens of cooperative and MMO titles that don't fit our Chapter requirements, but are still very enjoyable to the community.

In 2015, we created the Adventure system as a way for members of Gaiscioch to enjoy and explore new games together, while keeping an eye out for that rare gem that could become our next big Chapter.

Gaiscioch Chapters

Chapters are historically massive undertakings where 300+ people are involved. Some Chapters even reach into the thousands. In our history we have had Chapters in Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer Online, Rift, Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online. Each of these had over 500 active members playing together on a regular basis. Chapters gain access to the Leadership & Fellowship systems with objective level tracking. They gain the maximum exposure in the community and have their own sections in our magazine, livestreams, and newsletters.

Chapters are where we share
the Gaiscioch lifestyle on an Epic Scale.

Gaiscioch Adventures

Adventures are small to medium sized communities that can be as small as 5 players and as large as 300 players. They can be virtually created in any game that features Cooperative gameplay by a Lorgaire or higher ranked member. Adventures gain their own landing page they can share in chat channels, recruitment messages and forums for easy member introduction. New members can request to join and register directly off the adventure page. As Adventures level up they gain access to new features to help them grow including discord channels, forums, the trading post, marketplace, discovery system and access to advanced administrative tools.

Adventures allow us to explore new worlds
as a community on a Smaller Scale

The overall goal of Adventures is to allow our members to enjoy any game with their Gaiscioch friends and still progress within the community.

Play What Your Want, With Who You Want