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  • Chronicles of Tamriel - Elde Scrolls Online
  • Great Tyrian Adventure - Guild Wars 2
  • Telara Saga - Rift
  • Battle for Badlands - Warhammer Online
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The Branches of the Gaiscioch Family Tree

The Gaiscioch Family is a collective of many guilds. In Warhammer Online we experimented with the idea of using in game guilds as sub communities. We had 4 guilds that were known as the Gaiscioch, Gaiscioch na Anu, Gaiscioch na Nuada, and Gaiscioch na Sigmar. Gaiscioch na Anu and Gaiscioch na Sigmar was where we introduced new members to the family while Gaiscioch na Nuada focused on hard core PvP and Raiding and Gaiscioch focused on social and casual gaming. By separating these 2 types of players we found a lot less friction between the 2 playstyles. On event nights members from all areas would come to join us.

In RIFT we quickly saw that the size of our family and the strength of our family was going to cause a lopsided server community. To bridge that gap we split off a sister guild on the Defiant side called Gaiscioch na Nuada. This allowed us to host community events for both sides at the same time. While this was a blessing on some fronts it was also a curse on others. In the future the Gaiscioch look to return to the simplicity of the multi-guild system.

Guild Wars 2, allows us to take this setup to the next level. By allowing members to join multiple guilds the Gaiscioch Family look to build the next generation of our family tree. The house will be divided into 6 rooms.

The Entryway: For New Members

This is where all new members to the family start, they learn the ropes get connected with others and begin learning how we work and operate. Think of this room as the entryway to our house.

The Living Room: For Social Gaming
Gaiscioch na Anu

This is the social / casual gaming branch of our house. This is where people socialize, get to know one another, and share many casual adventures. Think of it as the Living Room of a house.

The War Room: For Siege & Conquest
Gaiscioch na Rall

This branch of our house is named after one of the greatest men to ever wear the name Gaiscioch above his head. Roger "Oldroar" Rall was a dear friend and father figure to most everyone he came in contact with. In his last days he spent most of his time researching and promoting Guild Wars 2 among our family. He was one of our greatest warlords and friends and he will be missed dearly. We will be hosting an in game memorial the week the game goes live.

This house is focused on Oldroar’s favorite style of gameplay. RvR. This is where our WvWvW campaigns stem out of and the focus of this branch will be 100% on PvP. Already many of you have seen the [GnR] tag as will many in the coming years. It is in Oldroar’s memory that we’ve named this branch after him and his legendary voice.

The Adventure Room: For Endgame PvE
Gaiscioch na Nuada

This branch of our house is focused on Skilled PvE. The most challenging fights will be the focus of this branch of our tree working on slaying every beast or creature that stands in their way.

The Story Room: For Roleplayers
Gaiscioch na Oghma

This will be our branch of story and lore. The roleplayers of the Gaiscioch Family will frequent this room telling stories of old and new, of epic conquest and defeat, as well as documenting every unexplored region of any universe we exist in.

The Workshop: For Crafters
Gaiscioch na Goibniu

In Celtic folklore Goibniu was a legendary smith and in our family Goibniu is the center of all crafting activities. This room of our house will be devoted to all things crafting and gathering and be a mind-share for new recipes, brilliant weapon designs and a social channel for the crafting mind.

The Hot-Swap Approach to Guilds

The beauty of the Guild Wars 2 guild system is it allows players to switch between rooms as easilly as open a door and walking through it. Members can enter and leave rooms of the house with ease and do not have to worry about leaving a guild or asking for an invite once they have joined. All they must do is click "Represent" on their guild list and they will appear in the room. This allows for the guild chat channel to focus specifically on a playstyle without having to hear all of the chatter from the other rooms of a house.

Think of it like this. If you were in a room with 3000 people who were all trying to talk at the same time, it wouldn't be very confortable and it would be really hard to understand what your saying. By separating it out into smaller more directed groups it allows for questions to be seen, answers to be heard, and orders to be given. We may exist across many in game guilds but we act as one family.

Depending on size restrictions, we may in some cases open 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th rooms to each of these styles of gameplay. We look to accommodate all forms of gameplay and look to provide members with a focused experience for all of their needs.