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The Evolution Of The Gaiscioch Family

The Gaiscioch Family began November 11th, 2001 in Dark Age of Camelot on the Nimue server as a roleplaying guild called the Gaiscioch na Anu. Through their 5 year campaign the family grew to over 500 players. We began to lead armies into battle and conquered territories with great ease. Our true power came from being able to pull the Public Groups into an organized warforce. In 2005 the economy took a dive and a lot of our members lost their jobs and had to depart from the game. The family was carried on the shoulders of Aldenn the great who managed to keep it going into 2008.

After the collapse of the economy and the Dark Age chapter of our history, players scattered with the wind. Some grouped up and formed small guilds on Guild Wars and World of Warcraft to try to keep the family together. Neither of these titles held the interest of the family for long. In 2008 Caelliu, Breel, and Foghladha, the original founders of the Dark Age of Camelot family decided to give it another go with Warhammer Online.

The Gaiscioch became a smashing success as they shed their roleplay attitude for a casual approach. Shortly after the Gaiscioch entered into Tier 2 the Gaiscioch Trinity was born. This concept takes a premade warband and splits it into 3 filling the holes with the public groups. This formation allowed the Gaiscioch to unify the public group and turn even the most chaotic force into an organized and tactical group. At it's height the Gaiscioch led forces over 200 to siege and conquer territory.

Within the first 6 months the Gaiscioch reached 500 members and was forced to create the Gaiscioch na Anu to continue recruiting. By the time that Phoenix Throne was closed, Both Gaiscioch and Gaiscioch na Anu were full. Blocked, Keggan, Charmed, and Roont offered our brother guild Iron Legion to us to act as the 3rd branch of our tree. Upon moving to the Badlands server Iron Legion became Gaiscioch na Nuada.

The Gaiscioch would continue to grow as they launched the Battle for Badlands, public server wide community driven event. This event would grow beyond it's original vision to even be featured on GameTrailers's G4 TV fan made trailer contest,, and gained exposure from several key Warhammer Online sites. The fame would bring with it the need to create a 4th Gaiscioch branch. The Gaiscioch na Sigmar was created and the Gaiscioch Family continued to grow past 1,600 characters, 600 players, and became a Warhammer Online legend.

It wasn't until the 1.4 patch, that the Gaiscioch would see a decline in numbers. With 1.4 the public group became the food for hunter and casual gamer suffered. The removal of the old siege mechanic slowed the oRvR driven family to a halt. This caused the Gaiscioch elders to start investigating other games to Branch into.

On the horizon sites 2 new titles that will be sure to have the attention of the Gaiscioch famiy. Already slated to form at launch is the branch into RIFT: Planes of Telara. The Gaiscioch were invited to alpha test this new title and later, Trion Worlds invited the Gaiscioch leader Foghladha and his wife to visit the campus and appear in the "Enter the Rift" video. Telara has captured the attention of every Gaiscioch that has touched it and a strong solid push is expected upon launch.

Down the road from RIFT: Planes of Telara's launch is the sequel to the smash hit Guild Wars. With the introduction of Server vs Server combat this game has huge potential with the Gaiscioch Family and is a sure fire expansion upon it's release.

While the games we play change over time, our legacy and the memories we provide people continue on past the life of a single game. Our open and welcoming approach has been recognized by many players years after they encounter us. We look forward to the coming years to help build new friendships, relationships, and continue our lasting reputation for being the group that looks out for everyone, not just themselves.

Landmark Moments in Gaiscioch Family History.


The Birth of the Family
The Gaiscioch na Anu were formed in Dark Age of Camelot on the Nimue server as a Hibernian guild with a focus on creating a light to moderate role-play environment for players of all levels. With roots firmly attached in ancient Celtic mythology, the Gaiscíoch held honor, respect, integrity, and fellowship, over hierarchy and dictatorship.


The 10 Seeds of Anu Released
The story of the Gaiscioch na Anu was published the 7 Chapter digital novel, The 10 Seeds of Anu which was wildly favored by the Camelot Community.


Mythic Entertainment Awards The Family Site "Best Roleyplay Guild Site"
For the over abundance of extra material provided by players, the Gaiscioch na Anu family site won Best Roleplay Guild Site. The site featured Character Blogs, an Out of Game questing engine, player profiles and a huge selection of character stories.


The Gaiscioch Family Debuts on Warhammer Online
After over a year of drifting from game to game the original founding members of the Dark Age of Camelot family rejoined to bring the Family to the Phoenix Throne server. Within days the family began to grow and attract attention


The Gaiscioch of Eugene, Oregon launch the Gaiscioch Flag Football Team
In their first season the Gaiscioch made it to the championship to be defeated narrowly by a single touchdown.


The Gaiscioch Family Launches it's Trinity Raid
The Trinity Raids of Phoenix Throne have become one of the servers hottest events to be a part of. This is largely due to the way the Gaiscioch can take several Public Groups and turn them into a Tri-Warband Public Assault Force that blankets the land and wipes out all opposition not only from a brute force method but also through strategic and moral conquest.


Gaiscioch na Anu Formed on Warhammer Online
After nearing the character cap in the primary Gaiscioch Family, the 2 Rooms of the Same House concept came to be. The second half of the family began to grow and flourish as our numbers pushed past 500 characters.


Gaiscioch Jr Officially Formed in FreeRealms
In an effort to support the members of the family who have children, the Gaiscioch Jr was formed on FreeRealms, a new Kid based title from Sony Online.


The Gaiscioch Officially Formed on Runes of Magic
With layoffs plaguing the nation and budgets being examined closely, an effort to reduce the cost of gaming caused some members of the Gaiscioch family to join in on the Free-2-Play title Runes of Magic for some low cost PvP game play.


The Gaiscioch Family Becomes The First Family to Claim 2 Citadels At the Same Time
With the advancement of the Gaiscioch na Anu side of the family, the Gaiscioch were enabled to use each half of the family to claim both of the keeps in Praag.


The Gaiscioch Family Forms on Aion Online
With the help of several members venturing into the new realm of Asmodae. The family joined the Asmodian side of the Zikel Server.


The Gaiscioch Family Celebrates 100th Trinity Raid
On the night of September 20th 2009, the Gaiscioch Family launched its 100th Trinity Raid in Tier 2. Over the course of the night they ambushed and dominated the destruction forces and used their Double Claim technique to capture a tier 2 zone.


The Gaiscioch Family is featured on the WAR Bureau
An exclusive interview with the Gaiscioch founder Foghladha appears on the WAR Bureau and is syndicated on Warhammer Alliance.


Iron Legion merges with the Gaiscioch Family to Create the 3rd Branch, Gaiscioch na Nuada
The competitive branch of the family is born with the kindness of Blocked, Keggan, Charm, and Roont.


The Battle for Badlands Trailer Makes An Appearance on
Selected as one of the Fan Made Trailers of the year for a G4TV episode, the Gaiscioch families Battle for Badlands gets exposure from one of the leading sources in gaming.


The 4th Branch of the Gaiscioch Tree Opens
The Gaiscioch na Sigmar is created to keep the family growing. Numbers surpassed 1,500 characters and 600 players.


Battle for Badlands Featured on
The Gaiscioch Family created Community Driven Public oRvR Event Battle for Badlands in it's 3rd season gets featured on Time New Warners,


The Gaiscioch Families Foghladha & Yulishka Appear On "Enter The Rift"
Trion Worlds invites Gaiscioch founder Benjamin Foley (Foghladha) to the studio to record video samples for use in their upcoming launch video for RIFT: Planes of Telara titled "Enter The Rift".