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Riders of Icarus
Adventure Progress
Riders of Icarus
Level: 3 | Type: Open Adventure | Members: 0 / 30

Riders of Icarus Game Information

Take the battle to the sky with fantastical flying mount combat unlike anything you’ve seen before in Riders of Icarus, the new unprecedented action-adventure MMORPG experience that lets you ride and fight on the back of the realm’s most dangerous winged beasts… dragons. As a Rider with legendary combat abilities, you will explore a majestic world to tame, collect and train hundreds of different wild beasts as your very own mounts each with unique special abilities. Master the skills of aerial combat with other battle-ready heroes as you fight your way through an epic experience filled with massive boss battles by both land and air.


  • Jul 6, 2016


  • Steam

  Official Webpage   Official Trailer

Adventure Information


  • Lead by: Foghladha
  • Guilds are initially limited to 40 People. Grow by 10 every guild level.
  • We will form several guilds and use the Alliance system as a hub.
  • As we level the official "GSCH" we will begin merging the Sub guilds into the main. The final goal is to get everyone into 1 eventually. Then we can focus on making real allies.
  • Group Up! Gain up to 500% extra exp for grouping!
  • Pro Tip: Different Pets do Different Things. When fighting hard bosses, use them! Make sure to level them up too. Taming Boss Creatures can give you some interesting allies.
  • No Alts Initially

The Kickoff Plan

Headstart Kickoff Party: June 30th - Headstart Rush! Join the Guilds! (Must have a founders pack for 7 day head start)

July 7th: GSCH Family Photo & Event

Alliance: The GSCH Family 

1 Main Character Per Player


 (Codename: Six aka GSCH West)
GmaFog, Izmina, Soren, Konyth & Sekkerhund
(Playtime between 4PM-2AM PT)
Up to 2 Alts Per Player


 (Codename: G-Five aka GSCH East)
Kitty, Ralejandro, Jay, Mikal Deimos & Smitty

(Playtime between 9AM-4PM PT)
Up to 2 Alts Per Player


What We Know:

  1. Guilds require level 10 and 2 Gold to Open.
  2. Alliances consist of a maximum of 3 Guilds.
  3. Guilds start at 40 player max, Gain 10 Slots Per Level
  4. Guild levels by players playing together in groups
  5. Must be Guild Rank 3 to Create an Alliance
  6. Guilds are Character Based, Not Account Based

Riders of Icarus Warparties

Warparties are specialized guilds, clans and groups that allow members to organize multiple groups of players across different servers and factions.

Warparty Name Leader Server Faction Platform Focus Active Members Active Characters
No Active Warparties.