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The Gaiscioch Blog

From the Front Lines:
Kitty is back to TESO! Yippie!!

So I logged my character, which is level 50 and there is a weird colorful number going up after a bar fills, so far I have like 70ish of these colorful numbers, they are red, blue and green, no clue what they do. I tried my best to remember my AvA nights with Fog from like two or three years ago, then I remembered the crown thingie was super important and that I should never leave it's side, I also teleported around a bunch because we had to close... Rifts? Doritos? Dolmens!! That spit enemies and are basically a shiny circle piƱata full of goodies and shinies! We also poked our collective heads inside dungeons, waited for bosses to be back from lunch break to play patty-cake with them, touched shiny Sky-ShaaaaaaaaaaaRRRRrrddddddDds to get even more skillpoints that I have no clue where to add :3 Overall, tons of fun! Henry was fantasticly patient with me and my perpetual Noobie-tude :3 10/10 will run with them again!!

Posted: Mar. 23 @ 06:42 AM by: Kitty  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
cannot claim participation

Posted: Mar. 22 @ 07:07 AM by: Coaxochdas  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
MtDewd's Shimmersand

Great fun closing rifts in SS while remembering all the Crifts years ago with Jexia and all the Gaiscioch crew.

Posted: Mar. 21 @ 04:15 PM by: Elaenna  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:

Having never done a big even in heart of thrones, this was tons of fun. I appreciate that Smitty laid out EXACTLY what was needed in advance (aka need gliding, and where the starting point was). Jay was generous in offering to help get me to the proper waypoint prior to the even starting. Discord was invaluable again in communicating. Was a fun adventure !

Posted: Mar. 20 @ 08:05 AM by: Zoomzoom  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Tok's {Proving Grounds)

Thank you El!... You are so patient and I enjoyed all of our time. Your patience is exlemparly... (sp) probably wrong... but thank you thank you ;)

Posted: Mar. 18 @ 08:18 AM by: Elaenna  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Tok's {Proving Grounds)

Posted: Mar. 18 @ 08:16 AM by: Elaenna  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
I'm not sure how I can write this without getting excommunicated from GSCH

So I'll just leave this link here. This is what you missed out on. Please see Kitty if you are intrigued and/or aroused by this video. She has all the information you need.

Posted: Mar. 18 @ 06:05 AM by: WilliamBrandis  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
This is what it must feel like to be competent

So, tired again so not going to put a lot of effort into this: I was trying to figure out what to play tonight because there was a rift event and this gw2 event. The gw2 event sounded like you had to actually be good at playing the game which made me hesitate. The other event was rift and I basically wrote a macro that plays my character in that game so figured that would be easy. But then I wanted to make a level 1 rogue and level it in wvw because....I don't know why actually I just thought that would be a good idea. EDIT: I remember why now, because I wanted to actually be playing HZD but my playstation doesn't get here until tomorrow so instead I went to play guild wars but I thought it would be cool to play that instead...

Posted: Mar. 15 @ 07:16 PM by: WilliamBrandis  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
The one in which we fail to take any keeps and Fog would rather be playing GRW which looks like to be an awesome game by all accounts

I'm tired so brief recap - Fog: "I have literally the worst people ever possible playing this game following me right now. There is no way I can take a base. I mean, maybe if the enemy is already dead. But probably not even then. Someone else is going to have to tag up and go fight these guilds. Because my group sucks. I can't stress just how much it sucks. Like, we're talking black hole here. The light of my life has been drained into this vortex of emptiness that is this group. So yeah, basically we can't take those keeps." Random Pleb: "lolz u shud be on jq discord newbs" GSCH: "WTF there are like 11 people on that, also they require a blood sample to get on." Random Pleb: "UR LOGIC IS FLAWED!" Fog: *shoots a treb over a mountain to snipe an enemy treb* "Man...

Posted: Mar. 14 @ 08:26 PM by: WilliamBrandis  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:

Hope I spelled that correctly.... such patience and excellent direction and helpfulness on working this long involved Callweddi workshop. High five.... 3 times over. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Gives me a lot to look forward to during downtimes between Rift events and I won't drive my hubby so crazy when I can't sleep and am looking for something to do. LOL.... he's a sweetheart and tries not to holler at me too much as I chatter his ears off at 3 a.m. ;) Sometimes as I try to make sure to grant event leaders Valor points it doesn't always let me 'remark' on how I felt the leader did so I hope its ok to do it here. Hooray for Eluveittie!

Posted: Mar. 11 @ 08:33 AM by: Elaenna  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Telara Saga: Dousing The Wanton Menace

We returned to Steppes of Infinity to face a new threat: The Wanton. Fiery rifts filled the skies, burning the horizon before us. The Dragon Cult from the Plane of Fire was in full force, attempting to blaze a path of destruction across an already bleak landscape. Our orders were clear, though: Defeat the leaders of this army and extinguish the conflagration of their march. Amidst the cacophony of chaos, Gaiscioch and friends stood strong to try and quell this heated incursion! (In-ferno-cursion?) Scorching Fire's charring zerg Conflagrations doth ignite. Jointly tract plus settled burg Blazes darkness into smoldered light. Cries ringing during battle clash Gaiscioch Wanton brawl. Rampant flames planar dash Protectors sacrifice withdrawal...

Posted: Mar. 10 @ 10:58 AM by: Eldritch  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
RIFT Raiding Fun Run (March 6, 2017)

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Well, the best time for Gaiscioch and friends and the worst for all those raid bosses who are now taking a little necro-nap. We ran through Greenscale's Blight (does that dragon ever learn?), River of Souls, and Infernal Dawn. Then we took on two of the Bindings of Blood raid instances. Success all around! (For us, not them.) Speaking of them, they seemed to have a common trait. Most of them were dragons. So many dragons! Just dragons, dragons, dragons, and more... Dragons, dragons, have armored scales, Dragons, dragons, whose claws impale. Dragons, dragons, with tail and breath, Dragons, dragons, front and back is death. Dragons, dragons, learned to fly. Dragons, dragons, took to the sky, Dragons, dragons, with wings unfurled, Dragons, dragons, tried to rule the world...

Posted: Mar. 06 @ 09:43 PM by: Eldritch  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Wary ye traveler! This foe may teleport you!

We were walking around when suddenly there was this monster! Our raid leader was like 'whoa traveler' and then we went to fly in to fight it. However instead of flying in I jumped to my death. The rest of this story is just a fever death dream I had as my bloody bled out. For about 2 hours we threw ourselves at this creature trying to figure out to break it, when in the second hour we realized that this creature could teleport you!! This caught everyone by surprise - how could this be possible?! What's more, is the teleporting may have been linked to some red circles. We were not sure about this, but it seemed if you stood in a red circle you might get teleported somewhere else. There were also green circles but those obviously didn't do anything...

Posted: Mar. 05 @ 11:19 AM by: WilliamBrandis  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Low Level Zone Invasion Hunt (March 4, 2017)

We traveled across Mathosia thwarting the seemingly unending invasions that plague Telara. However, this trip decided to take an odd turn. Water and Death rifts that spawned...FIRE invasions!? Are the planes working together against us now? Is the Blood Storm rising anew? Or was there just a glitch in the particular Water and Death rifts in Iron Pine Peak where we experienced this abnormality? We may never know. But we did get a whole bunch of achievements for our efforts! So all is well.

Posted: Mar. 04 @ 02:29 PM by: Eldritch  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Telara Saga: Confronting the Storm Legion

Having held back the tide of invasions that were being unleashed across Brevane, Gaiscioch and friends gathered this week in Dusken to face the forces of Crucia which were blowing into the Steppes of Infinity. Defeating Planarchs, rifts, and invasions alike; the Storm Legion was quelled and Forts Brevo and Antapo secured from planar threats. Yet another successful event and enjoyable evening for all participants! And since our focus was on Air...I figured a poem as equally light and breezy: a haiku! Like a mighty wind, Storm Legion charge Ascended, victory is ours. And mandatory gaming slogan since we ended the night defending bases: "All your base are belong to us." Because they did!

Posted: Mar. 02 @ 09:38 PM by: Eldritch  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
6 months gone from such epic battles

Much time has passed since I have partaken in wvw. Took a while to get bearings, but leader was awesome. I think we had 2 squads, one was a leading necro, there were GSCH tags everywhere. It is so awesome to see. With such great numbers, and being new to the map, I would occasionally get disoriented but it was always easy to find squad members to get going again. Eventually I started hearing call outs to those familiar places "Hills" or "Bay", and was able to enjoy the onslaught ! The hills battle was down right hilarious as we were out numbered but got lucky as red and blue battled it out with one another as we took over the keep and then managed to hold it as a large 3 way battle broke out. Also, huge props to the discord team voice tool...

Posted: Mar. 01 @ 07:27 AM by: Zoomzoom  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Intrepid Fun

Since the usual event in this timeslot would not be held, MtDewd stepped up and several of us had fun leveling some toons in the intrepid adventures.

Posted: Feb. 27 @ 08:02 PM by: Briseadh  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Mtdewd stepped up ;)

Posted: Feb. 27 @ 07:58 PM by: Elaenna  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Kitty is the master of explaining fractals

She takes the time to make sure everyone is on board, explains what is about to happen, coaches you during the chaos and then recaps the best way to do fractals afterward. If university profs taught this well, the whole world would be wayyyyy smarter.

Posted: Feb. 27 @ 06:50 PM by: Zoomzoom  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:

I was only able to hear a tiny bit of Eluveittie's information on the Callweddi achievement, and hope to make it next week as he details additional info. Sounds like it will be a long run but I enjoy those types. He also sounds like he knows not only what he's doing, but how to get the information across to others easily. Elaenna

Posted: Feb. 26 @ 09:26 AM by: Elaenna  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Low Level Zone Invasion Hunt (February 25, 2017)

Piggyback rides on Volan! Or maybe we were just jumping on his head to kill him. Once again, we were the bane of invasions, rifts, and strongholds all across Telara! Gaiscioch and friends focused on the continents of Mathosia, Brevane, and Dusken in an effort to hold back the tide of planar problems that continue to wash over the lands. Maybe one day we'll find the switch to all these rifts and finally just turn them off. Or maybe we'll open our own rifts in their planes and see how THEY like it!

Posted: Feb. 25 @ 03:34 PM by: Eldritch  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Telara Saga: Hunting the Endless Court

Death comes for us all. Or is it that we all came for Death? Major rifts from the Plane of Death were vanquished all across the Dendrome as Gaiscioch and friends took up the banner of the Telara Saga. As always, a fun night deserves a fun poem: There once was a group of Ascended, who formed against Death and defended, the vast desert plain, Dendrome in Brevane, turning the Court from Endless to ended. After defeating both major rifts and strongholds, we turned our gaze towards the Venefic Locus to face Ahkane the Eternal. Like the Endless Court before him, he too failed to live up to his grandiose title. He doesn't really deserve his own poem. Fiiiiiine... His name was Ahkane the Eternal, not sure if divine or infernal, why give him a song, can we move along, better poems belong in this journal...

Posted: Feb. 23 @ 10:16 PM by: Eldritch  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Joining in on the fun ;)

Thank you all for making me feel welcome to your events. Please know that anytime you see me, Elaenna - mage; or Ellette - cleric, and need help for anything... just send me a holler.

Posted: Feb. 21 @ 03:26 PM by: Elaenna  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
RIFT Raiding Fun Run (Feb. 20, 2017)

Another successful night of conquering older raids, getting achievements, and just having some good tuatha fun! Our raid itinerary (in order) included: Greenscale's Blight River of Souls Infernal Dawn Full clears, but we did have a bit of a snafu with passing loot items through the raid so that everyone could unlock the appearances. It's definitely one of those things that will be what we joke about in I figured it needed a poem to commemorate it! Items galore, passed hand to hand, from squirrel to shield, this was the plan. Just accept trade, don't right-click and equip, Drag and drop in the window, pass to the next, do not skip! When done with the trade, step out of line, stand to the side, this should have been fine...

Posted: Feb. 20 @ 11:20 PM by: Eldritch  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Low Level Zone Invasion Hunt

Just a casual Saturday morning... Shard hopping, jumping from zone to zone, mentoring appropriately, defeating invasions, closing rifts, and killing event bosses. You know, the simple things in Telaran life. We managed to defend Mathosia from all things invasion. Except for that one that happened while we were distracted by the Nightmare Rift. We don't talk about that. Ever. What invasion? Stillmoor was like that when we got there.

Posted: Feb. 18 @ 03:20 PM by: Eldritch  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Low Level Zone runs

Great Time.... thks Fog for the organization and the run. Looking forward to the next one. V

Posted: Feb. 18 @ 01:56 PM by: Varder  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Nightmare Rift Event

Posted: Feb. 18 @ 01:50 PM by: Tip  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Telara Saga: The Great Abyssal Hunt

So we closed water rifts in a desert and made it snow in a fire rift. Apparently...Telara has global warming, too. But seeing as we're engaged in tasks to enable us to make it to a giant comet hurtling towards the planet... Yeeeeaaaah...bigger picture! ;-) Planarchs defeated, achievements completed, and another Dendrome boss just plain beated! (Because "beaten" doesn't rhyme, that's why!) It was another successful evening full of accomplishment and fun, which is the real story of the Telara Saga.

Posted: Feb. 16 @ 09:24 PM by: Eldritch  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Ashenfell Major Rift Hunt

Who said Ashenfell was just for the Plane of Fire? Major rifts from each of the planes invaded the zone and were quickly quelled by Team Gaiscioch! Guess the planes aren't so tough without their dragons. ;-) Now about those Nightmare Rifts...

Posted: Feb. 14 @ 08:05 PM by: Eldritch  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
RIFT Raiding Fun Run (Feb. 13, 2017)

It was a night filled with big heads and silly hats in the 'ol Tyrant's Forge! (Thanks to the Hot Air Brew!) After an initial wipe on Johan to learn the mechanics, an accidental pull after resurrection and before healing put our skills to the test. It also put Johan in the ground! The Lag Monster seemed to be siding with P.U.M.P.K.I.N. on the next boss fight, which left some interesting raid wipe bodies floating in mid-air. Intelligence reports traced the Lag Monster as possibly having been released by Prince Hylas, so we hopped over to Greenscale's Blight to slap him and his big dragon around. Mission Success! Hopefully, the Lag Monster will despawn for future runs. All in all, a great time!

Posted: Feb. 13 @ 08:42 PM by: Eldritch  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Questing Friday

4 of us roamed around the Badlands doing the story line quest and tossed in a all 5 puzzle pieces from that zone as well.

Posted: Feb. 10 @ 02:29 PM by: Fireshield  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Telara Saga: Assaulting the Stronghold

Because an epic event deserves epic poetry: Twas the night of Telara Saga, and throughout the Dendrome, Ascended were gathered, to protect Hailol's home. With weapons and spells, prepared in advance, the strongholds were felled, invasions given no chance! Across northern Brevane, enemies all met their ends, the desert lands saved, by Gaiscioch and friends. Then like Atrophinius' mead, the achievements did flow, and at the end of the night, a live puppet show! It was another successful event with a large turnout for the Telara Saga! Lots of achievements, lots of fun...and a little bit of time spent as both a sheep and a shambler for me. I'll have to remember to pack some of my own mischievous magical toys for the next event...

Posted: Feb. 10 @ 12:51 AM by: Eldritch  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
pick up pledge

Posted: Feb. 09 @ 04:55 PM by: Bropunn  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Nightmare Rift

Thankyou everyone to participated in this event today. Great job on getting to level 75 on the nightmare rift. This is only my 2nd week leading events and everyone has made this such a fun experience for me. I hope everyone that has played in my events has had fun. See you next week.

Posted: Jan. 31 @ 04:13 PM by: MtDewd  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Telara Saga III - Chapter 0

Oh my! We had three raid groups, several out-of-family visitors, and minimal deaths (always a good thing). In one hour we closed multiple rifts, went on a hunt, took an Empyreal fortress, killed a monstrous dinosaur, and made a Hive Dive, killing one of the three big bosses that lurk there. It was a fast, furious, frantic, and fun night with our family. Looking forward to the next ten weeks of our third Telara Saga!

Posted: Jan. 27 @ 08:31 PM by: Tip  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Raids are hard, ok?

This event was a rollercoaster of emotions! We were able to do the escort and defeat McLeod in the first try without much problem, but then we decided to poke the bear statue and take a few shots at the boss. OH BOY! Is a complicated fight, with many mechanics, that are random. I felt so underdressed and so unprepared for this, like a complete noob. The instructions were clear, but I felt as if my feet were molasses and people got a bit frustrated with my slow reactions. Sorry guys I wasn't on top of my game :( After several tries I felt that we lacked coordination, and then I got Partner Aggro. It was fun, and we need more practice :3

Posted: Jan. 27 @ 07:14 AM by: Kitty  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
the hunt

It was a fun afternoon hunting rifts and generally enjoying each others company thank you for leading your first event! may you have many more leading adventures in your future :)

Posted: Jan. 24 @ 03:34 PM by: Jessica  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Kitty is a great teacher!

What an enjoyable learning experience for fractals. Kitty was patient, instructive, and witty. I've done fractals but not regularly but have not had some of them ever explained as completely as Kitty did last night. Well don and thank you.

Posted: Jan. 24 @ 03:53 AM by: Caludon  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Ryuko aka Ayamatta

First of all thank you for allowing me to join. Never got the invite to the guild but I think it was because I was having to much fun running, falling, building, being lost to notice the invite come. I did find it a bit overwhelming in all the right ways. LOL I even got to finish off an enemy player. Found really cool drops and learned what red border blue border are. Few hours of playing being chased, screaming and spreading out to make our numbers look bigger. Chase them like a bear! LOL Okay, now we run the other way. Many other commands were given as well. Like push them off the walls! No use fear skills. Don't try pushing them off. LOL It was a great night of changing worlds, getting wiped, changing tactics and charging off to some where else, scouting as the team breaks the walls.

Posted: Jan. 11 @ 08:39 PM by: Yume  » Read Full Story

Thought's and Reflections:
Any Interest in Creating an (In-Game) Gaiscioch Guild Hall in ESO?

Pardon me if this has already been discussed, but I was unable to find any content on the web site regarding an in-game ESO Gaiscioch Guild Hall. With the coming of the housing system in February, I was wondering if anyone in ESO would be interested in contributing for the purchase of a large house or estate for use as Guild Hall for Gaiscioch. For those who wish to spar, or have tournaments, we could make an outdoor arena. I think it would be a nice way to socialize in world and might lead to more spontaneous group events.

Posted: Jan. 11 @ 08:03 AM by: Mairel  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Long Arm of the Light

We ventured across almost every corner of Kryta valiantly bringing an end to the trouble of the 10 bandit leaders sought by the Shining Blade.

Posted: Jan. 07 @ 08:17 PM by: Jelaraiel  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Recap of Endless Eclipse

Under the guidance of Fog and DC Gaiscioch met Raid boss after Raid boss with success and cheese for the guild. My long time foe, Regulos was not allowed to escape, victory was ours!!!!!

Posted: Dec. 30 @ 05:48 AM by: Cattrya  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Bloodfire Incursion Raid Rift

The four of us intrepid guildees braved the wilds of Steppes of Infinity so Mononic could get his orders from Lady Glasyia. There was death and mayhem but we succeeded. Life is grand.

Posted: Dec. 27 @ 01:37 PM by: Cattrya  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Fog's Intrepid Adventures

Hammerknell will never be the same after last night. Fog bravely led his team through the mighty fortress despite disconnects, lag, and inability to log into voice chat. Thank you Fog for all that you do for us and for Rift. It is hard to see now, but I feel we will have a great impact on this game's community. (as Gaiscioch has before)

Posted: Dec. 23 @ 06:19 AM by: Cattrya  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:

Had a great time finishing off achievements for old school Green Scale Flight and then we went 3/5 in Mount Sharax! Woot go us!!! Thank you guys

Posted: Dec. 17 @ 01:19 PM by: Cattrya  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Great time in Brisban Wildlands

Great group today we started at Mrot Boru Waypoint and went west on the southern perimeter. Had lots of hearts, pois, waypoints and champions to fight today. We continued north all the way to the top perimeter and headed east. We stopped with an event in the Wendon Waypoint area, where we will start next week. Gma will be taking holiday time off after next week and will come back on the 7th of January. You all make sure you have a great Christmas and New Years! We may have some treats on our last day before the holiday!

Posted: Dec. 10 @ 09:53 AM by: GmaFog  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Long learning session

Big thanks to Bob who hung there for a million and half deaths. Berk and Trent for jumping in early on for hard fights and limited rewards. Mal and Jax for the late night dps and a hanging trough a lot of wipes and blind leadership. We got the final boss to around 30% so we have a good understanding of each stage leading up to the brutal finale. Need some big hitters next week.

Posted: Nov. 16 @ 12:05 AM by: Virole  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Average healing by me

Thanks all for your patience in my first ever attempt at Vet DSA.

Posted: Nov. 15 @ 08:13 PM by: RobotDancerBloodEye  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Nightmare rifts

We got to level 46 (I believe) on a level 4 nightmare rift and we got to level 75 on a level 1 nightmare rift as well as finishing the guild quest to kill nightmare rift creatures. Oh, and I had a lot of fun. :)

Posted: Nov. 13 @ 07:24 PM by: Slainidh  » Read Full Story

From the Front Lines:
Short day but a lot accomplished

Thank you all for understanding about Gma's sprained wrist issues. We finished Caledon Forest quickly today and Entered the northern half of Metrica. Managed to fight the Fire Elemental and do the pre event. We then headed out to get a vista and POI and into one more event before Gma called it quits for the morning. It was very productive and emptying the bags was one of our chores to do. Hopefully, next week Gma will be able to do the full 2 hours and we will finish half of Metrica Province! Thank you all again for coming and enjoying the fun!

Posted: Nov. 12 @ 09:21 AM by: GmaFog  » Read Full Story

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